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Welcome to Vyana Cafe.
Unfortunately we closed our Pottstown location December 2022. 
While we are busy planning our return,  please sign up for our newsletter, stay involved with the conversation via our podcast or read one of our blog posts!!!   

Wherever we meet, we send you many blessings!!!

About Vyana

Vyana, a Sanskrit word, is one of five vayus, or directions in which energy flows within each one of us. 


Empowering distribution and communication systems in our body, vyana vayu is the expansive peripheral force that governs movement of the circulatory, nervous and muscular system and then processes it to empower all aspects of life, integrating mind and movement to find balance.  In the energetic body, it is associated with the flowing power of the water element. 


So, simply put, vyana equals the circulation of energy that flows outward and continuously. Vyana is an expansive energy that when out of balance in one of us, extends to all of us, the Universal collective. 


Fueling our body with wholefoods is one way to keep Vyana balanced and in essence, contributing to Universal balance. We welcome you to integrate some of our favorite food choices into your life and celebrate in a balanced, energetic lifestyle. Whether you resonate with one or all of our menu options, we hold a space for you that we hope will serve as a catalyst for you to explore what YOU have to offer the Universe.   


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