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Vyana December 2022

I like to think of myself as someone with a great sense of humor and because of that, this will not be a story about a bus or who’s under it. Instead, I’d like to talk about energy. We all know how energy works without thinking too deeply about it, right??? For a car to have energy to drive we need fuel, for a light bulb to light up its electricity, for a human body to move its food and the examples go on. Using these examples, we can think of money as energy, too. Money is given to help a business grow. We give money in exchange for goods or services, and we put a value on those goods and services based on our needs, desires, and our beliefs around money. We can also think of money and energy both in terms of a state of lack or of abundance. Money can also be considered for the good or for the evil. We may not all have the same belief systems or the same values, but we can all agree that where we put our money and energy matters. Why all this talk about energy? Because everything I do contains a part of my energy and to me, it matters who or what I invest my energy into. Just as all of you have come into the café and supported not only your own values and health but my business, as well. Thank you, I am beyond grateful!

So, let’s get to it…I’ve known since February 2022, when Samana Holistic Center had to close unexpectedly, that I would need to send out this note. I didn’t know if we would have a new space to call home for either of these businesses with so many things changing in the world. Many opportunities are available, but making decisions that support the community they serve, the business values and that are sustainable to me; are also extremely important. Many of you may know that Vyana was opened to compliment the community at Samana and of course beyond. My vision was of “one stop shopping” featuring yoga, meditation, skin care, plant-based food, and a space where our community could share in holistic living experiences. This still IS the vision and I’ve been building for what seems like a lifetime. There’s apparently still more building to do!

My beliefs and values make me passionate about everything I do and everything that I put my energy into reflects this. Therefore, Vyana will be looking for a new home. December 10th will be our last day of business at our current location. You will be able to return bottles or glass to me at any time and you are welcome to leave bottles at the door up until January 15th. I am working on the details of what’s next and will be posting that information as it becomes available. I am ALWAYS here for questions, comments, conversation on anything that you need food, yoga, skin, or life!!! Again, thank YOU for your support and for caring enough about your health to fuel your energetic body with plant-based whole foods and cold pressed juice!!! And remember, know YOUR value so that when you exchange energy, there's an investment on your return!!! See you soon fam. With love and gratitude, Jennifer

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